Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I want to share our Halloween pictures with you. We had a super time. Our festivities started on Friday with Madelyn's school party. What a nice party it was. The kids got tons of treats and they were even given a pumpkin to decorate. Then on Friday night, Jacob's special friend Katie invited us to her church (that we used to attend when Jacob and Madi were babies) for a harvest party. We had such a good time. Jacob dressed as a Mime and Madi was a queen. They had a costume contest and Jacob won for his age group. We ate, played games, painted pumpkins, roasted marshmallows and trunk or treated. I'm so glad we chose to attend. Then on Halloween night we went and did some trick or treating with the Kidds. Now we have WAY too much candy in the Joyner home!!

Ready for school on Friday morning

Madi enjoying her party at school
Decorating her pumpkin
Madi and her BF Elle
The mime and the queen ready for the harvest party

He won!

Painting his pumpkin
Jacob and Katie's pumpkin
Madi painted one to look like her daddy:o)

trunk or treat

Jacob and Katie then(1999)
Jacob and Katie now(2009)
Roasting Marshmallows
As I looked at this fire and took a picture, I just stared and thought about how hot hell would be
Yummy....I love 'em!

Goodbye hugs
Halloween night with Caleb and Gracie

Monday, October 26, 2009

Some catching up to do!

Wow! Its been so long since I've posted on my family blog. Where does time go? I just can't seem to catch up. I have so many things that I want to accomplish but just simply don't have the time. I'm so blessed to be able to be home all day long, BUT there are little people to take care of so its still a job and I can't just leave them and do what I like to do. So anyway, I'm trying to take advantage of naptime more so than I used to.

My last post was about us being ready for that first day of school. Well that first day came and went. Its now been six weeks and school is going well for both Jacob and Madi. Madi got her report card yesterday and got honor roll. A big shout out to her. She prays every night that God will help her and Jacob make good grades. :o)

Enjoy the pictures that I'm posting of whats been going on with us. We are certainly enjoying the fall weather as I think that is all of our favorite season. We are so blessed and giving God the glory!
Travis too Jacob on the first day of school. This is him getting out of the car and trying to have a "not so nervous" smile.
Madi all excited. Ready for the 4th grade!
Jacob with a backpack bigger than he is.
Second day....still excited
Big smile....but was he really happy about going to school???
Madi met Jacob at the bus stop and walked home with him. Thank the Lord he doesn't have to go to a bus stop anymore. Now the bus driver just picks him up at home:o)
Fall Ball Begins!

Pretty girls ready for church. Madi styling her new Cons!

I surprised Madi with a trip to Disney on Ice. She absolutely loved it. We invited Nancy and Gracie to go along with us. We had an awesome time!

Nancy, Gracie, Me and Madi

Travis took a photo before we left....She had no idea where we were going:o)
Ok well this is an interesting story. When Jacob was about 10 months old, I starting daycare in my home. The very first child that I kept was a little girl named Katie. She and Jacob are the same age and they would play so well together. I have so many memories of them. Her mom and I became very good friends but lost touch after they moved away. Well to make a long story short, we have all gotten back in touch with each other and Jacob and Katie have some kind of special friendship going on. Its so cute. Dawn and I took them for their first little "date" to 3 guys and of course I had to snap a picture.

Dawn and I

Madi before pictures were taken for cheerleading

Just some sweet pics of us and our babie

A picture of Madi at church dance prac...Getting ready for our big performance at the Franklin Fall Fest
The drama team performed at church and at the Franklin Fall Fest

Dance Team

Jacob go out and danced with a group of folks in Franklin. (Cupid Shuffle) Have I mentioned that Jacob LOVES to dance.

First Ball game of the season...Kinda chilly, not too bad.

Madi loves pom poms!

Daddy and his girl

Family pic at church on my 35th bday

A birthday gift from my mom....Very beautiful bracelet

Me and my girl

I got a Cricut for my bday. I've wanted one forever....I've been using it like crazy!!
Some of my creations. Madi and I will sit for hours and do crafts together.

Which one is mine and which one is Madi's??