Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Seems like forever

Wow! It seems like forever since I've posted to my personal blog. I try to keep up with the daycare one so that the parents are able to see their little ones. I should try to do better, ugh?

So what have we been up to this summer??? Well we certainly stay busy. We haven't been on a big spectacular vacation or anything special like that (hopefully that will come by fall) but we have had a good time being together. I have enjoyed so much having my kids home with me during the day, I will miss them so much when its time to go back to school. They have been such a huge help but also a delight to have around. The silly things they do and say just amazes me. Cutie patooties, I tell ya!

Some things that we have enjoyed together this summer: Swimming together, of course. We have enjoyed our pool. God knew how bad Jacob and Madelyn desired a pool and he has certainly blessed them with one. They are so funny. They said that they were actually praying for our neighbor to give us his pool. LOL! But we have really had a good time with it. We go out in the evenings together and horse around with the kids. We even have good old fashioned chicken fights with the kids on our shoulders. Its a hoot to say the least! and of course we love to gang up on Travis and try to dunk him, but he usually ends up picking us up in the air and across the pool we fly.....so there ya go:o) I still have tons of landscaping and such that I'd love to do. Hopefully soon I'll be able to accomplish those ideas that I have. It takes money and certainly time that we don't always have tons of. I think I'm going with a patio table and chairs for the deck. Maybe a lounge chair of some sort to go along with it. We have been back and forth on exactly what to put out there. I already have wicker furniture on my side porch, so I didn't really want that on the patio. Decisions....decisions!

I wasn't in the pool yet....but I got in the pic:o)

Something else that we've really enjoyed this summer is our evening bike rides. Lots of times we do this before we get in the pool. Travis and I both have really nice bikes and we've gotten out of riding them. Travis suffers from severe knee pain, so his bike is in our bedroom and never gets ridden. When we go he rides his cheapie so that he doesn't even have to bring the other one down the stairs. Anyway the kids love riding bikes and Sedley is such a great place to ride. Travis laughed when I brought my camera along....I usually have it everywhere I go, but not on bike rides. He ended up with the camera and enjoyed taking some funny pics that I won't even put on here:o) Put it this way....I wasn't lookin' so hot:o)

Late night dinners have been good too. Its been nice not having a schedule so we end up eating late. I know this isn't good for the figure but its good for me not to be in a rush! We've enjoyed getting fresh vegetables and fruit. The kids and I LOVE good 'ole corn on the cob, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe, etc. Yummy yummy!

Its amazing how much God has blessed us. We have come so far and I'm so glad that I have my Heavenly Father to thank for it. Sometimes I feel a million miles away from him, but I know he's there. I'm so proud of my kids. Jacob went to youth camp last week and wow did I miss him. BUT he had a lot to tell me when he got home. He was so excited to see us. I allowed him to take his cell phone so that he would have it on the ride up there and back but he had to leave it in the van while he was at camp. He was so cute. As soon as he could get to his phone when camp was over, he called me. He wanted to talk to everyone in the house. I'd say he was a little homesick. :( But he told me some good things about camp. He LOVED his cabin leader...I think they got along really well. He even called Jacob after camp was over. Also I was very proud of him for standing up and participating in the worship services. He said that he and another kid were the only ones that REALLY participated and he even said that he was embarrassed b/c the other ones didn't. I always tell him that it takes more of a man to stand up and not care what others think, than to sit down and give in to the Devil. He told me all about the scriptures that they learned about and he was very eager to look them up when he got home. Thats a way to make Mama proud!!

Lots of changes will be taking place in our life soon. For one, Jacob will be going off to Middle School. Its kinda scary for me to think about, but all we can do is stay in daily prayer. The best thing about it is that we have Jesus on our side....with Him all things are possible. We talk with Jacob on a daily basis about making good decisions and choosing to do the right things. Peer pressure is tough, I can remember those days, but we can't allow the Devil to have a foothold. Jacob will see that very soon. I have faith in my little booga though....He's going to do fine!

Madelyn attended softball camp in chuckatuck. She's enjoyed it, although she says it was a little hot. Princesses aren't supposed to get hot, I guess. :o) She keeps saying how it was the best camp she had ever been to. She definitely learned a ton!

On the way to take Madi to camp...what kinda face is that Travis???

The next few pics are just random.

We went to Va. Beach for the day. I took them while Travis slept....He was on 11-7

We ate at the "new" Burger King on the first day that it opened. The kids love BK.

We had taco salads one night. Madelyn doesn't eat beef nor does she really like Tacos. This is what our plate looked like and the next pic is what hers looked like. She is a TRIP!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Deck almost complete

Just wanted to share a few pictures of our deck that Travis built. Its really coming together nicely. We still have to paint the posts and he plans to build a wooden walkway to the pool. I will be getting patio furniture soon, still haven't decided if I'm getting a table and chairs or some type of lounge furniture.

Nancy and Gracie came over on Sunday afternoon and we had good time visiting and floating in the pool. I'm definitely looking forward to more of these days. It was nice!
Gracie brought her blue shirt so Madi went up and got hers to put on. They looked cute.

We were dressed alike too! Thanks Nancy for the cover-up!

Here's the new deck.

Flower boxes on each side...I love it!
Posts still need to be painted...urgh!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blessed beyond measure

Well I know that everyone is ready for this post. The pool is finally complete. As most of you know....we were blessed with our neighbor giving us his pool. Its not everyday that someone gives you a pool:o) Jacob and Madelyn just say that their prayers were answered! I'll go with that.

There is a lot to putting in a pool. A lot of ground preparation and a lot of help is needed. We were blessed with some really great guys that helped us out! All of this brought back tons of childhood memories. When I was about Madi's age, my parents put an in-ground pool in. They put it in themselves just like we did this above-the-ground. All I can say is....now I understand how much work it was.

I'm so thankful that I have a husband that can do ANYTHING! No matter how big or small, if I ask him, he will find a way to make things happen. He had never put in a pool before or built a deck and now all of this is coming together and he's doing it ALL.

Enjoy these photos of the process. We are so blessed!

Trying to figure out where the pool will go

Ground tilled up and grass removed

Travis out at 9:30pm leveling the ground and using the compactor to make sure everything is ready for the next day.

Shoveling sand

Jacob and Madi both helped

Walls go up
Cove is done

The liner goes in

Working the wrinkles out

Water goes in
Almost time for dinner

Travis had to get out with only one side of the ladder. He had help though.

We had pizza one night with everyone that came to help put in the liner

Travis had to keep getting in to fix stuff
Its cold!!!
first one in
Logan and Madison loving it
Jacob does flips from the ladder

This is my float but somehow becomes theirs
Hoops in the pool
Travis working on the patio that is in progress
swimming at 9:30pm
Good times
Bubba and sisterly love
Having fun...its about 10pm here and Travis is working on the patio and Jacob and Madi are swimming!

The final result!