Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jan. snowstorm day 1

Hello all! As most of you know, I hate to be cold and I'm not very fond of old man winter. I'm from Alabama and I like to be warm. BUT a good snow is always pretty to look at so once in a while its ok with me. I love it for the kids. Hilary spent the night with Madi and they were up really late and rose really early very excited about the BIG snow. We haven't seen this much snow in quite a few years. I'm so glad that they got to enjoy it! I will hopefully have more pics to post soon. Travis took the kids to the Fire dept where all of the Sedley rednecks got together and pulled the kids on car hoods and old truck bed liners. :o) The kids had the time of their life. I haven't gotten pics yet b/c a friend took them....but hopefully I'll have them to post soon.
Here is Zachary and Shelby enjoying the snow. Full blooded labs and they love the cold. The were funny running around in the pretty white stuff.

The kids love snowball fights....what else is this white stuff for...right?
Madi and Hily bug

This to me just looks freezing cold. I took most of my pics from the window. I'm so glad my kids are big and I don't actually have to get out in it!

Daisy Mae is our little 6yr old Mountain feist. She hates for her feet to get wet in the rain but she absolutely LOVES the snow. Its so funny. She had a ball to say the least.

Madi got aggravated b/c her gloves were all wet. She's such a drama queen:o)
Travis pulled the kids on the sled behind the jeep. You might be a Redneck if you pull your kids on a sled behind your vehicle:o)

2 Wonderful kids
Sledding behind the jeep
Jacob on his tummy...daredevil that he is:o)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A cold nigt by the fire

It was a cold night but fun night. Travis got this little fire pit for Christmas and he lit it up for us to roast marshmallows and make smores. Elle was over spending the night and the kids had a good time.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Just Madi being Madi

Doing a little shopping in Cato with Madi and Elle....they are a hoot! I love these girls:o)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thank you, Granny!

Thank you Granny for crocheting Madi this hat, scarf and purse! She LOVES it. Here is a picture of her before school.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jacob loves Basketball

Here are a few pictures of Jacob at his second game. We took some at the first game but they were with Jacob's cell phone and we still haven't uploaded them:( Jacob is number one (he says that the smallest guy always gets number one:o) and here are a few pics of him in the game. He's having a great time playing this year. Sorry the pics are dark...ughhh....thats why I'm going to buy a new camera soon:o)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

UNC game

Travis and Jacob were invited by Pastor Matt to join him and Caleb for a night of fun watching UNC play Va. Tech. This was an exciting time for them. UNC won the game so I think it made it that much better. I think Travis has been a UNC fan all of his life and I know that Jacob has. I'm so glad that they got to go to Chapel Hill and see it all take place in real life. How fun!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Madi's drawing

Madi came home today and said "look what I drew." I just love it. Her drawing is getting better and better. I love the detail that she added as far as the curtains and the shade. I think Madi did a great job and I wanted to share her picture!

Happy New Year!

Okay, well we decided to take a little trip to the beach for the New Year. Travis' cousin passed away on Christmas day and the memorial service was on New year's day in Nags Head. So we were headed there anyway and we decided to stay. Travis' sister took the kids home with her after the memorial service and we picked them up on Sunday. The kids did get to stay one night and one day with us. We had a nice time together. Jaccuzzi room and all....very relaxing!

What a year 2009 was! I'm certainly looking forward to everything that God has in store for us in 2010. It should be interesting!!

I didn't even take many pictures. I was in a total R&R mode. Here are a few.
New Year's Eve...headed to the beach
Jacob and I at Bob's grill
Jacob and his Nana
Chloe Beth and Madi
Travis and Kelly being silly
Silly Madi

Travis and his mom

Cousins...minus Kai
Travis and I....alone

Had to go pick the kids up in Wake Forrest. We ate at Texas Roadhouse with Kelly, Barry, Chloe and Kai. I was so glad to see them. We've never left the kids before....It was tough!!