Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jacob had enough points!

So proud of my Jacob. He is such a bright, handsome little thing. Week before last, Jacob was able to attend the Masquerade Ball for meeting his Accelerated reader goal. I have to say....he worked really hard on this. He was determined that he would not only meet his goal....but BEAT it. He did just that! Travis volunteered to help chaperone and I think they both had a good time. Please excuse the quality of these photos....Travis took them with his cell.

Playing games
Jacob got his face painted. How many middle school boys do you know that would ask for a cross to be painted on their face??? Jacob did! A baseball was added as well....good idea!

Enjoying a snack
Jacob and his friend Tyler dancing. I know I've said it before.....JACOB LOVES TO DANCE!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Donuts anyone??

I have a little recipe that I'd like to share. Very simple but very delicious!

As a kid my mom would make these little boogas for us and we enjoyed them so much. I haven't had them in years until I noticed Hardees is now serving them. Well Travis brought some home one morning and the kids LOVED them. So I got the stuff and made some for myself. O' my....we are addicted. So yummy!


One can of biscuits
cooking oil
powdered sugar

Directions: Cut all biscuits in half and roll into little balls. (You can also cut them out with a donut cookie cutter and make little donuts as well) Drop them in hot grease one at a time. Fry until golden brown. Roll in sugar....Yummy to your tummy!