Thursday, May 28, 2009

A quick Trip

Here is a pictorial of our quick trip to the OBX for Memorial Day weekend. It wasn't a long trip but we certainly enjoyed our time together. I took a billion pics and it has taken me a while to go through and edit them. I took the color out of some and I think they look really good. Enjoy these photos of my beautiful family!
Jacob after we first got there...being silly!
Madelyn had been swimming all day the day before at a pool party and ended up with swimmer's ear. Here she is sitting on the bed after we first got there in A LOT of pain. After some alcohol in the ear and a dose of tylenol...she was fine!
Me and my sweetheart
A cutie patootie
Couldn't wait to get in that COLD water!
Madi LOVES to write her name in the sand.
Gotta get those feet wet
Bro. and sis in the pool
Wrapped up....that pool water was chilly!
Madi and her best friend Julie. Granny take note of the dress that Julie has on...its one that you made for her.
Out to eat some delicious seafood
Silly Jacob....he keeps us laughing!
Me and my sweetie
Enjoying those crab legs...we couldn't get enough!
This is such a funny picture...Travis was proud!
Beautiful Kids!! color

Posing for the camera. They are so used to this b/c I always have the camera in my hand.
Memories made
Friends forever!!
Talking about how cold that water is
Her name in the sand again
Cold cold cold cold cold.......freezing
God's beauty is amazing

Me and my buddy
from the rooftop
A big cheese!
Jacob posing again
My little man
Madi wanted to pose too!
Travis taught Jacob how to skim board
My name in the sand
Still learning
Jacob was very determined and learned in one day
She buried herself....why do kids like to do this????
Posing again...
And again
Three stooges
Now Madi wants to learn to skim board
Me and my babes
Jacob and his new hermit crab.....look closely; its out of its shell!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A girl's day

Madelyn loves it when she and I get to go out shopping alone. She calls it a "girl's day." We've been doing this ever so often since she was probably around 4 yrs. old. (that's when she started to really enjoy shopping) So anyway I am a little late posting, but Madelyn and I went out last Sat. morning before a birthday party that she had to go to. She needed a new bathing suit since the party was a pool party. We didn't have alot of time, but we had a good time.

Here's Madi having a biscuit on the way
Here's a picture of Madi getting ready to try on a bathing suit
She bought a scrapbooking kit. Madi LOVES to scrapbook!
She got a new dress that she LOVES!!
Me and my baby girl....I love our time together!
Here's Madi ready for the pool party. We made up this gift bucket for her friend. It had lots of candy and a gift card inside.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

You might be a redneck if.....

....your kids ride around the yard on a lawn mower like its a 4wheeler and you snap pictures b/c its cute!