Monday, May 18, 2009

My little cook

Madelyn loves to be in the kitchen when I'm cooking and she loves to have her hands ALL in it. Actually both of my kids love to cook. Yesterday after church, after our WONDERFUL nap, I let Madelyn make one of the boxed cheesecakes...which by the way are so yummy! Anyway we started with reading the directions on the back of the box and I explained what Tbs. meant and then we practiced measuring the milk and so forth. When she found out that she got to use the mixer, that made her o' so excited. Here are some pictures of Madelyn's cooking experience.

We started off by mixing the graham cracker crumbs with margarine and sugar
O how Madi really wanted to "just taste" the crust
She's now pressing it down with the bottom of a measuring cup
Measuring the milk
It's MIXING time!!
Who doesn't lick the beaters when the mixing is done???
She even shared with Jacob....only b/c I made her:o)
Pouring it in and trying to make sure that she leaves some in the bowl...sneaky little thing!
Spreading it out
Wholla!! We have a delicious cheesecake that we can't eat until it chills for a few hours. Try explaining that to an 8 yr old that just made the whole thing!
In the fridge its going

Finally....after dinner we got to enjoy a piece...or two:o)

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