Monday, May 18, 2009

These pics have no particular topic or category...just some that I wanted to share.

Lately my dishwasher hasn't been cleaning my dishes the way that I would like. I cannot stand to pull dirty dishes out or pull soaking wet dishes out. SO I've been washing them by hand but letting them dry in the dishwasher. I totally don't mind this at all but lots of times I make Madelyn help me. I usually wash and she rinses, especially after dinner when I have alot of dishes. So last night I was washing and she was rinsing and we were just talking away. I really wasn't paying attention to anything she was doing....just doing my thing and talking about life with her. Well I finished up and she still had several dishes left in the sink so I grabbed the rag and went on and cleaned the table and countertops. When I returned, Madi said "I'M DONE." She was outta the kitchen in a jippy and I looked at the dishwasher and this is what I saw. All I could do was smile. That chic rinsed the dishes and just chunked them wherever they would fit...certainly in no particular place. I never said anything to her......she really did help me out. But Travis and I did get a good laugh.

This is a picture of Madelyn holding two birthday gifts for two of her friends. She had a party to go to and she and I will try to think of creative gifts to give. I bought the cups several days prior and was trying to think of something cute to do with them. Well this is what we came up with and it turned out really cute. Inside are Walmart giftcards along with some candy all of which Madi picked out. We hand made the cards with my scrapbook stuff and we added the same ribbon that we put on the cup, to the card. Madi really liked what we did. It certainly gave us tons of ideas that we can use in the future!

This is a picture of Baker in the grocery cart at Walmart. I took him with me when we got back from DC. We were out of everything. I had so many groceries that I eventually had to take him out and carry him and pull the cart with one hand. I just thought this was cute.

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