Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A girl's day

Madelyn loves it when she and I get to go out shopping alone. She calls it a "girl's day." We've been doing this ever so often since she was probably around 4 yrs. old. (that's when she started to really enjoy shopping) So anyway I am a little late posting, but Madelyn and I went out last Sat. morning before a birthday party that she had to go to. She needed a new bathing suit since the party was a pool party. We didn't have alot of time, but we had a good time.

Here's Madi having a biscuit on the way
Here's a picture of Madi getting ready to try on a bathing suit
She bought a scrapbooking kit. Madi LOVES to scrapbook!
She got a new dress that she LOVES!!
Me and my baby girl....I love our time together!
Here's Madi ready for the pool party. We made up this gift bucket for her friend. It had lots of candy and a gift card inside.

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