Monday, May 11, 2009

Our trip to DC

I am finally getting around to posting pics of our trip to DC. It was a fun time as we hardly ever all get to be together. These days Travis is being forced to work A LOT of hours and so its usually me and the kids or him and the kids. So I'm very thankful that we got to go and have a good time together. We did not see very much b/c its all so time consuming and we only had a day and 1/2.
This is a picture of Madelyn playing office on the phone in the hotel room. She LOVES to play bank, office, school, hotel, etc. Its very amusing to watch her!
Jacob and Madelyn just posing by the window waiting for Daddy to figure out where we are going first.
On our way to the Metro
Jacob catching up so I can get a picture. Don't you just love the pictures from behind? :o)
Nice fountain in Arlington close to our hotel.
Figuring out how much our tickets for the metro will cost.
Looking for Smithsonian
A beautiful girl. I love her more than words can say. She is sooo precious, so adorable, so amazing, so, so, so EVERYTHING!!
A squirrel that was walking down the concrete wall beside us
The "tall pencil thing." Thats what Madi calls it:o)
Me and my babies. Have I mentioned that they are my sunshine, my life? I love them to pieces. They are the BEST!
Jacob in his element. Jacob loves anything old, anything to do with history or science. He could've stayed there all day!
I thought this old lawnmower was funny. I can't imagine pushing that thing around the yard! Since I do alot of our yard work(b/c I LOVE it) I found much amusement in this old machine!!
How cool!!
Our taxi ride to the church that we attended. The kids thought the music that the guy was playing was hilarious.
This is the Ebenezer's coffee shop where two services are held on Sat. night. Awesome!!
We were excited....can't you tell??
Cheesing again
Praise band getting ready. They were so awesome. This is my dream church I guess. I think its awesome to show up to church in your shorts or whatever and just love on God. He doesn't care how we look or dress.
Getting packed in there. I was definitely at home here.
After church. My kids even participated in worship. I was proud of them listening and enjoying our time of loving on God! They loved it too!

Notice in this great picture of me and my babes, there are two homeless people on each side. Jacob and Madelyn just couldn't get over all of the homeless people. We even saw a lady with a baby under a tarp on the side of the road. It broke my heart.
JJ and Obama:o)
Yep and there's Bidden.
Goofing off in the gift shop at Union Station.

One of our many rides on the metro!!
Wonder what he's thinking probably his wonderful wife:o)
We made it to the White House. It was getting dark...kinda scary walking the streets of DC at night. Travis said that I'm a scardy cat. Yeah, I guess I am!
White House....wonder what the Obama family was doing.
Me and my Lovey....Madelyn said that the conditions were too bright for picture taking in front of the window:o)
Did I mention that this is the best, most wonderful, beautiful and adorable little girl on Earth???
At the Zoo. I think it had to be the most beautiful Mother's day that I can remember. The temp was around 73 with no humidity. It was a gorgeous day!!
Jacob being all cool taking pics with his cell phone.
The panda bear eating bamboo
Viewing the panda
Panda got up to get more bamboo. This was very funny to watch. He acted like tons of people were not even looking at him.
I think Madi LOVES taking pics like I do. I wish I could've had a digital camera when I was her age. I could have saved a lot of money on develping all of those pics that didn't turn out:o)
Gigantic elephant....and this was a baby!!
Madi practicing her photography skills:o)
I'm not sure if I have mentioned that this is the best, most adorable, wonderful little girl in the world!!
Getting a good look. yes I'm in a wheelchair. My back happend to go out during our walk to the zoo. Most everyone knows that I have disc injuries. So my wonderful husband walks off and comes back with a wheelchair and he pushed me all over the zoo!
I love this little boy more than imaginable. He is the greatest, smartest, cutest, and best kid in the world. He is definately a Mama's boy and I enjoy every minute.
Madi had to have a $3 snocone that dripped and dripped and dripped all over her shirt:o)

There's a big cat....I'm so glad I'm not the zoo keeper. I think he could eat me!!
Here's my boy again. The best, most wonderful, handsome little guy in the world!!
Yep there she is again....the greatest little chicca bug!!
Madi found a caterpillar. As girly as she is....she likes little critters like this.
And a picture in the zoo sign. We couldn't go home without one!
The tallest escalator that I've ever seen!!
Out to dinner for Mother's day. Me and my girl!
The guys...being silly. You can tell that Jacob is laughing histerically and Travis is trying to hold back. :o)

Hope you enjoyed my pics of our trip. Fun Fun times and memories made. I love the simplest things in life. Spending time with my crue is definately at the top of my list of fun things to do!

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