Sunday, May 3, 2009

Super Saturday!

I'm so excited to post that Bryant and Gavi came to stay with us Saturday night! We haven't seen them much since they left in Feb. and it was so good to get all those hugs and kisses once again. Madelyn stayed at the window most of the day on Sat. waiting for their arrival. She was Mama Hen...took care of those babies. She and Jacob both enjoyed them so much. After they got here we went strawberry pickin' and after that we had some errands to run. They played along with my plans great! Then we went over to Travis' dad's house for dinner and to see his sister and her family. Bryant and Gavi came along and made themselves right at home at Mamaw and Papaw's house. After that it was getting late but Madelyn was upset b/c they didn't get a chance to play outside while we were at home so I shined my car lights on the playset while I watered my flowers. We came in and got bathes...everyone was very cooperative and after a quick was off to bed. We kinda slept in till about 9ish on Sunday but quickly got up and I began to get FOUR kids ready for church. Exciting!! Off to church we went after breakfast. Bryant and Gavi left from church and O' how sad miss Madi was. She actually CRIED on the way home. So we'll def. be getting those two sweetie pies again soon. Enjoy our pics!

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