Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blessed beyond measure

Well I know that everyone is ready for this post. The pool is finally complete. As most of you know....we were blessed with our neighbor giving us his pool. Its not everyday that someone gives you a pool:o) Jacob and Madelyn just say that their prayers were answered! I'll go with that.

There is a lot to putting in a pool. A lot of ground preparation and a lot of help is needed. We were blessed with some really great guys that helped us out! All of this brought back tons of childhood memories. When I was about Madi's age, my parents put an in-ground pool in. They put it in themselves just like we did this above-the-ground. All I can say is....now I understand how much work it was.

I'm so thankful that I have a husband that can do ANYTHING! No matter how big or small, if I ask him, he will find a way to make things happen. He had never put in a pool before or built a deck and now all of this is coming together and he's doing it ALL.

Enjoy these photos of the process. We are so blessed!

Trying to figure out where the pool will go

Ground tilled up and grass removed

Travis out at 9:30pm leveling the ground and using the compactor to make sure everything is ready for the next day.

Shoveling sand

Jacob and Madi both helped

Walls go up
Cove is done

The liner goes in

Working the wrinkles out

Water goes in
Almost time for dinner

Travis had to get out with only one side of the ladder. He had help though.

We had pizza one night with everyone that came to help put in the liner

Travis had to keep getting in to fix stuff
Its cold!!!
first one in
Logan and Madison loving it
Jacob does flips from the ladder

This is my float but somehow becomes theirs
Hoops in the pool
Travis working on the patio that is in progress
swimming at 9:30pm
Good times
Bubba and sisterly love
Having fun...its about 10pm here and Travis is working on the patio and Jacob and Madi are swimming!

The final result!

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