Friday, October 22, 2010

A day that I can never forget

Today is a day that I will never forget. It marks the day that I got the horrific phone call from my mom just 3 years ago. The screaming that I heard in the phone but couldn't really understand what she was saying. Then I caught a piece of, "your Daddy is gone". I will never ever forget that call or that night that I cried myself to sleep. I won't forget Travis coming home from 3-11 and finding me in the floor sobbing. I won't forget my Pastor and his wife coming out late at night to comfort me as I wept. I will never forget the special moments with my Daddy. It doesn't feel like its been three years since he passed. It seems like just yesterday I was out in the middle of nowhere fishing right along his side, always catching the biggest fish! (so he always told everyone) I love my Daddy and I will always be waiting for that time that I can see him again!

Today also marks the day that one year ago our lives were turned upside down after receiving a phone call that IP would be shutting down for good. Travis was on 11-7 and he happened to be sleeping at the time of the phone call. I remember running upstairs screaming "get up, get up." He jumped out of bed and I just fell in his arms crying. What would we do??? Where would we go? The first thought was to move away. We have family everywhere. BUT God had different plans for us. So here we are today, fine and well. We've certainly decreased but with God we've had peace about everything that has taken place. He has sustained us, and for that we are greatful!

So today, October 22nd, marks a day that I will never forget.

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