Friday, January 16, 2009

A sad day!

Well today for me is a sad day. I've had the privilege of babysitting Bryant and Gavi Chilcote for almost a year now. Today is their last day with me. They are moving to Va. Beach which isn't that far but seems like a million miles away b/c they won't be with me everyday. They have become like family to all of us here and I'm going to miss them very much!!!


Theresa said...

SOOOOO SAD! At least we have the pictures thanks to you, Miss Lisa. You are the GREATEST!

Lisa Chilcote said...

It was a sad day for all of us. The kids miss you so much. Bryant seems to understand that he is "home with mommy now" but asks me every morning when he can go to Miss Lisa's house. He tells me almost every day "I went to the park with miss lisa" or "I color a pretty picture at miss lisa's." It is so sad. I can honestly say I have never been sad when any of my other daycare plans have come to an end, but this one really has torn me up. You are the greatest and we are so lucky to have had you as our care provider. You guys feel like family to us too and we miss you so much. As soon as this house get straight and we get a routine going, we will be out to visit without a doubt. Love you all and miss you.