Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jacob graduated!

One of the kids parents had a bucket truck and he took this photo of the 5th grade class. How awesome!

Yesterday was a bittersweet kinda day. I'm so excited that Jacob has graduated from the 5th grade and he's moving on to middle school but I'm a little sad too! Jacob is definitely my miracle baby. He was born so early and so fragile, not even expected to live. Now he is 11 years old and an awesome kid. He loves baseball and basketball. He can tell you everything about the Boston Redsox team and players. He loves video games and anything to do with wrestling. He received 2 awards yesterday. One for physical fitness and one for making honor roll the entire year. He is super duper smart. He has not cracked open one book or studied for one test this year! Its amazing to me how he retains so much info by just listening to the teacher. I'm very proud of Jacob! For the past several weeks we have been discussing how easy it is to fall into the "bad" crowd and how hard it is to say no. I'm very open with my children. They no it "all." Jacob is fully aware that girls can get pregnant in middle school. He's fully aware of drug and alcohol abuse. We keep no secrets here in our home. My kids are very open with me and I"m very open with them. They are told the truth and I hope it helps them to make good decisions. He does admit that he's a little nervous about entering middle school but I'm sure he'll do fine.

I wasn't able to take very good pics. I guess I was too far away. But these are the few that I took. Some of the graduation and some of the celebration afterwards!

We gave Jacob money for graduating.

Recieving his physical fitness award
Reieving his medal

Awaiting the fun and games
The cake
With his buddies
Jacob loves to dance
Cuttin a rug:o)
Travis serving cake. Looking to see if any flies are in there. :o)
My little man!!

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