Sunday, September 6, 2009

I think we're ready

Tuesday is quickly approaching and its the day that the kids go back to school. The Joyner house is excited and I think we are finally ready. As a Mom, I'm kind of happy and kind of sad. I'm happy because I have had so many kids in my home over the summer. Lots of them have been school kids and school kids make a lot more noise than my smaller daycare kids. So I guess I'm ready for them to go back so that I can have a little break, but on another note I'm sad. My baby boy is now 11 1/2 and he's entering middle school. This is such a scary time in life. You know, hormones everywhere, new school, new faces, and tons of peer pressure. I think for me, Its just going to take a lot of prayer to get me through. But I think he's ready or at least he thinks so. As for Madi bug, well she's going into fourth grade. She is SO ready she says. We've met her teachers and they all seem very good. Madelyn was a little sad because her homeroom teacher is a man and she said that she needed a lady:o) But after we met him, she says it'll be okay. And of course she has Mrs. Warren and we are already friends with her anyway, so Madi likes that.

We have done all of our shopping that we'll do for now. We haven't really bought clothes for the cold weather yet, but we did purchase a few things for the kids to start out. We had a fun day shopping on Saturday. Enjoy these picture of the Joyner's getting ready for the 2009-2010 school year.
Jacob hopping out of the van on orientation night at the middle school
Jacob and Travis walking up to the front door...Jacob nervous and excited
I just had to snap a picture while we were in one of the classrooms...Jacob was a little upset with me:o)
Jacob got his uniform to dress out in for P.E.
Madi in front of RES on Meet the Teacher day
Jacob loves Manicans. Its so funny...he poses with them
Ready to shop!
Warning!! Never take a 9 year old into Claires if you don't have all day
Posing again with someone whom doesn't have a head...Jacob is a nut!
Claires again!
Worn out...she shopped until she dropped!
Madi with all of her Vera Bradley stuff for school. She has the backpack, lunchbox, purse, pencil bag and the large cosmetic bag for glue, scissors, etc. She also bought the pencils...she's wanted those for a long time.

Practicing on a lock....gotta be able to open his locker

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