Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Last Game!

Well we had our last game last night. We went to the championship game but unfortunately we did not win:( It was sooo cold out there I felt like I had icecubes for toes! Anyway...I few pics of Madelyn and Gracie and even one of Jacob and his friend Hunter.


Nancy said...

So glad being out in the cold is over!! The girls did very good this year cheering..Gracie loved everyminute of it! The pictures are cute!

Theresa said...

Luv it! This blog thing is wonderful. Now I can see all my babies while I work. All of the kids are so cute. Okay, I might be a little prejudice since I am the mommy of 1(Logan)& the Mema of 2(Bryant & Gavrielle)...otherwise known as Gavi. Yes I'm the Grandma & I like to say her whole name...Theresa Gavrielle!