Friday, November 7, 2008

"Skinny Jeans"

Okay so Madelyn just had to have some "skinny jeans" so here we go taking off in the middle of the week to Old Navy to purchase a pair. $200 later we are outta there with skinny jeans. So this morning that's, of course, what she wants to wear to school. So we attempt to put them on her and I stopped right in the middle and said "you know what madi, I think we need daddy to help us get these pants on you!" THEY ARE SOOO TIGHT! So anyway this is the new style...I guess we're going back a few years:o)

And I took a few other pics of the most adorable baby Baker and Jacob holding him. And there's a cutie one of Gavi too.

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Nancy said...

Love the Jeans!!