Sunday, December 21, 2008

Some more pics for the Moms!

Look what I built. Man I hope I get a rocket ship for Christmas!

Gavi was reading all by herself. I had to run get the camera! Imagine that:o)

Whatcha' doin' Madi
I caught them being nice to each other while watching Polar Express
White boys CAN jump!
Sweet Gannon
Garretts cheezing and Bryant is wondering why I always have the camera:o)

I'm gonna miss this baby girl!!
Why are you taking everyone's picture if front of the kissmas tchee??
Sweet face
Gavi giving Gannon love

I'm gonna miss this little boy!

We love Gannon at Mrs. Lisa's daycare
Jacob after having 8 teeth pulled!!

We made snowman cookies!They turned out really FAT!

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