Friday, December 5, 2008

We saw Santa!

Okay so as crazy as I, Travis and the daycare took off to see Santa today. I wouldn't feel so crazy if I weren't leaving for NYC tonight and I if I had everything packed and ready. As of this morning nothing was ready for me to go on my trip...I mean I hadn't even bought stuff to keep me warm. But I love my little babies and I promised them that we would go and WE DID! They all loved Santa except for Gavi. She wanted no parts of the big man in the red suit. Baker could've really cared less but Logan, Bryant and CJ LOVED him. We had a good time. We were on the way home almost to Suffolk and I realized that I forgot the pics back at the train that they rode on. So off we went BACK to Chesapeak Square. Good times I tell ya. Life is interesting:o) So anyway here are some cutie pics. The one that they lady took of us on Santa's lap is much cuter but Travis did the best that he could. I don't even think we were supposed to have our camera out. We rode the train and O' how they loved that. Gavi was a little skeptical at first but with mine and Travis' encouragement she got on and had a blast. I hope Santa remembers that Bryant wants a dirt bike, Logan wants a princess bike and CJ told him a thousand times not to forget her Barbie talking head. Soooo cute. Madelyn got to go to (even though my kids know that Santa is not real) because she had the wonderful stomach flu yesterday and I wasn't ready to send her back to school. She enjoyed our time and boy was she a huge help! Well here are the pics and I'll post again when I get back from NYC!!

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