Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Report Cards!

Well yesterday was report card day and it was a very exciting day for Jacob. Since third grade he has tried so hard to make principles list and every time he always had at least 1 B. Well this past six weeks HE DID IT! He has been on cloud nine ever since. The funny thing is....spelling is what he would usually get a B in. I think that's funny. So as I've always our home if you get all A's you get 50 bucks. So last night we went to Applebees and celebrated and of course Jacob go $50. Madelyn got honor roll and that was just fine with her until I handed Jake the $50. So maybe that's some incentive for her to try harder. She really doesn't care as much as he does. :o) YAY for Jacob!

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Nancy said...

Way to Go Jacob!!My Caleb missed PL by 1 B!