Monday, March 2, 2009

Warriors For Christ Dance Team

Here are some pictures of our dance team practicing. They are getting so much better. So proud of them!! We will be performing this Sunday at church (GBWM)....very excited about that! God laid this on my heart several months back. I was thinking and questioning Him..."A dance team...for church???" Anyway it has actually worked! The girls especially enjoy it and most of the boys do. I'm really excited about what this will become and what kind of ministry this will become. I'm praying it will be big and we'll be able to perform in different places and see young people respond. I'm so glad that I listened to God and didn't ignore something that at first I thought was kinda silly:o) In the photos we are missing Caleb, Braeden and Emily. A big thanks to Erin Holland for being our instructor...we couldn't have done it without ya!!

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