Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And a Happy Birthday it was!

Madelyn had a wonderful birthday. Although we had to reschedule her party for the next day, because of rain, everything turned out great. Madelyn picked a pool party for this year and it was very successful. I think all of the children had a great time. I wasn't able to count every single child, but I'm guessing there were about 30 or so kids and I'm not sure how many adults. Madi made the list of who she wanted to come and since we were having it at home, I went with it. She got lots of great gifts and Travis and I gave her money. In our house if you have a party you get $50 and if you don't have a party you get $100. Of course Madi wanted a party. She loves for friends to come over. The more the merrier!
Travis came home with a rose for his girl....He always does that:o)
We took Madi and her friends out to dinner. She picked Mexican.
Madelyn and Elle....BFFs

Hunter, Jacob, Madelyn and Elle in front of the restaraunt
Madelyn's cake...she picked out everything about it
blowing out those nine candles
The girls
the gifts

Caleb doing the limbo
Jacob getting low
the girls again
precious CJ
Madi and Gavi...she was so excited to see her:o)

Madi and her cousin Chloe

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