Saturday, August 22, 2009

Daddy's girl...Mommy's princess!

Wow! Time has flown. Today we are celebrating Madelyn Riley's 9th birthday. I just can't believe my baby is 9 yrs. old! What a blessing to have been chosen to be the mommy of such a wonderful little girl.

As I remember back when I was pregnant with Madi, I almost start to shake with fear of that ever happening to me again. What I experienced for those 34 weeks was a nightmare. The first time I went into labor with Madi, I was only 24wks along. The labor was stopped but I was put on complete bedrest. I had contractions throughout my preganancy and I was hospitalized several times. The last time I was hospitalized, I was 30wks along and the labor could not be stopped. I was rushed from SMH to Norfolk Sentara in an ambulance given the max. amount of Mag. sulfate. I was vomiting from the meds, but almost completely paralized as well. It was the most horrific thing that I've ever had to experience. When I got to Norfolk, my labor was stopped and I was dilated 5cm. I stayed that way, in the hospital for four weeks!! Um...yeah FOUR weeks in Norfolk!! Jacob was 2 and he was home with Travis and was shifted from place to place when Travis was at work. Again....NIGHTMARE!

On Monday August 21st 2000, the Drs told me that I was able to go back home if I could walk around the hospital all day without going into labor. At this time I was 34wks preganant. I get up that morning and begin to walk. Of course after a few hours, I was seriously contracting AGAIN. This time I dialated to 7cm. Labor stopped on its own, but the drs said that I couldn't go home:( So the next morning August 22, 2000 the Dr. came in at 5am. I told her that I just couldn't take it anymore and began to cry. She said that she'd be right back. A little while later she came in and told me that she would be taking me down and breaking my water at 10am! That news couldn't have been better. I was big as a cow and dialated 7cm. I felt like Madi was going to fall out for 4 wks. I called everyone and sure enough my water was broken, and little Madi was born at 4:03pm. Weighing in at 6lbs12oz!! She would've been 10lbs if I had gone 40 weeks. THANK YOU LORD!

Madi is a miracle baby, just as Jacob is! Both born premature but turned out fine. Madi is a very happy, amazing child. Very smart with an awesome imagination. She's more than a mother could ever ask for in a daughter. She has a heart of gold, always concerned about others and their feelings. I'm so proud to be Madelyn Riley's Mom!

So today I want to wish my baby girl a very happy 9th birthday. Reach for the stars....dream big!! You are amazing Miss Madi, and I love you very much!!

Enjoy the photos...I laughed until my cheeks hurt. Madi was always soooo happy as a baby. She was and still is a joy!
Waiting for my princess

my baby girl was born!
Madi getting ready to go home
Jacob taking care of his new sissy
always happy
always smiling
just want to squeeze her
big cheese
I smile just looking at these pics
Laughing all the time
bad hair day

has ALWAYS loved pets

cutie pie
silly goose

a clown
dancing years

preschool pic/beautiful hair

growing up
loves softball
her hands have grown...time is flying!

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