Thursday, December 10, 2009

What are we up 2?

I really wish It wasn't so long between posts. It just seems like I never have the time to sit down and upload pics and even get my thoughts together to type. We are doing well. So many things have been happening since October and sometimes I feel like I'm in a whirlwind. But through all of these storms, I know that God is ultimately in control and when the storm is over we come out better. I'm so thankful that I have a great big father to go to when the world lets me down. I can't imagine going through this life without HIM.

So what have we been up to? Well Travis has accepted a job! I think that this is the most exciting news in our life right now. On Oct. 22nd (which was the two year marker of my dad's death) we found out that International paper was closing. Travis has been employeed there for almost 16 years. Travis made note that it has never been difficult for him to find a job. He said that all of the jobs that he desired....he went there, applied and was hired. That simple. I think getting hired with Union Camp took the longest. So PRAISE THE LORD nothing changed this time. He applied with Northrop Grumman, went for the interview and was hired on the spot. I have to say that this is God's favor and we are so very greatful. Travis is a very hard worker and will do anything to take care of his family....Me and my kids are so very blessed! We've had many comments made about how bad it will be to work there but I know that my God has his hands upon my husband and things will be just fine. The devil is trying to steal my joy.....but he's WRONG again:o)

I have posted tons of pictures of other happenings in our lives. We are doing well. I'm enjoying my Cricut more and more. I love to design and make different things and I give God the glory for my craftiness:o) Jacob and Madelyn are doing awesome in school. Madi made honor roll both 1st and second six weeks and Jacob made honor roll his first nine weeks. Homework seems to be taking a toll on us all, but we are getting through it. My job is wonderful. I have the best set of daycare kids ever and I love them so much. I really am blessed with an awesome job. Our Christmas decorations are up, lights are shining and Christmas shopping is about to begin. I'm so excited to enter into the holidays healthy and blessed.

Enjoy my photos....I love pictures. Sometimes I take them of my kids for no particular reason other than the fact that they are so beautiful in my eyes and I cherish EVERY moment with them.

Madelyn cheering for Courtland Indians
Big girl's honor roll cert. for the first six weeks
O' my goodness....Travis got a staph infection in his leg (who knows how) and landed himself in the hospital for three days:(

Something that I made for myself on the Cricut. Its a ceramic plaque
New vinyl lettering in the daycare playroom that I made with the cricut
Okay, here's Maggie. Poor thing! Travis offered to take this cute English bulldog from some friends of ours and give her a good home. WELL....all I can say is that it just didn't work out. I loved Maggie but Maggie had the WORST smell ever and I just couldn't handle it. So Travis found Maggie and new home and that home has now found her another new home. Bless her heart....Its sad but.....well just stinky!!
My boy with his great report card
I made these chargers for Madelyn's teachers. These were a lot of fun to make as well

Pictures of my babies just b/c I love them and I love to take pictures. we're into the Thanksgiving pictures. We go to my inlaws every year to eat TG dinner. It was very nice and very yummy. As you can see, the food was great and we had a good time.

Jacob trying to explain to his Mamaw that he's not a baby anymore and he wants big boy games....what a hoot!

Madi with her girls. They usually go everywhere with us.

Madi took this picture of our kitty cats. They are brothers and are about 7 years old. They still cuddle like they did when they were just kittens.
Madi and I had a shopping day together. Mostly to Michaels b/c she and I could stay in there all day and never leave. Thats our favorite store!
Ok...a kitty story. This little kitten showed up at our door one day. Of course Madi wanted to keep it. Instead of keeping it, I found it a good home until our neighbor showed up and wanted his cat back:o) oops! Well kitty that was named so many different names, stayed for almost 2 days and was kicked out on day 2 b/c he wanted to pee in my house.....thats a no no.....kitty!!!
Madi and her BF Elle attended the American Girl party at the local library. They had a blast.

Trying to get pics for my Christmas cards. Mission accomplished!!

Madi's school held a movie night and so I took her with two of her friends. I'm not really sure how much of the movie that they actually watched but I Know they had a good time. Thats all that matters anyway...right??

We had never been to the cinema cafe before so we decided to take the kids. This theatre was fun b/c you could eat and watch the movie. They took our order before the movie started and we received our food right before the movie came on. It was cool. Jacob took his special friend Katie and we all had a nice time.

Jacob and Katie at the movies and then a pic of them after the movie at Krispy Kreme. No....the hot sign was not on but the donuts were still YUMMY!!

Madi took a picture of Travis and I before the Church Leadership party
This is Madi with her cheerleading trophy that she got at the end of the season fun

Our Christmas tree. I haven't taken pics of the other ones....but we do have a couple more.
This is a picure of Travis and I at the HEAT team dinner for work. What an awesome time we had. It was bittersweet b/c it was the very last one but exciting too b/c new chapters are opening in our lives and we are so looking forward to them!!

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