Sunday, December 27, 2009

What happened before Christmas!

I have Christmas picture to upload but I couldn't do that until I post the ones from days before Christmas. We certainly have enjoyed the holidays together as a family. Not too much longer and a whole new chapter will open in our lives. We are praising God for miracles!!
Cookie baking....Gingerbread men

They were o' so yummy

For ones that don't know....Travis LOVES Louie Giglio. He's been downloading his podcasts for so long that I can't even remember. Well as a surprise to Travis, I found out that he and Chris Tomlin (another one of Travis' favorites) were coming to Va. Beach. I got tickets and we went. Matt and Nancy along with Chris and Julie got tickets too and we enjoyed a fun night together. It was an awesome show. Afterwards, and I don't have pictures, we went to IHop and ate and talked and laughed till us old folks got tired. :o) Travis really enjoyed his night....and so did I!

The Courtland Indian Cheerleaders were in the Courtland Christmas parade. It was very cold but Madi had the best time. So glad she went!

The Joyner home made a gingerbread house. O' my goodness, what a hilarious mess we had. We laughed so hard....and the crazy thing started to melt and fall to pieces so everyone just ate it:o)

Here are a couple of pics of our Children's Christmas party at church. The kids enjoyed a movie, games and pizza.

A picture of Travis and I at our Church Christmas party
We babysat Baker one night so that his mom and dad could go shopping. We went to Joe's to eat pizza while Jacob was at his Christmas party with the middle schoolers from church. Santa was there so we took a picture....It brought back memories of Jacob and Madi being little seing Santa.
We had a little snow....not much but madi wanted to take a quick pic. while it was coming down
Here we are at Olive Garden. We took a break from shopping to eat at our all time favorite place!

Jacob at Bass pro.
Madi at the mall eating with chop sticks
Childrens Christmas play at church. Madi was an angel and Jacob narrorated the play.

Family picture at church on the Sunday before Christmas

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