Monday, February 22, 2010

It was time to say goodbye

Kind of a sad day for me because its reality that my little girl is growing up. It wasn't long ago and Madi asked me how old are you when you are supposed to stop playing with baby dolls. My response to her was "when you don't feel like you want to play with them anymore." So soon after that my precious Madi came and asked me if I'd pack away all of her bitty babies. She has been collecting them for some time now and she has 5. We gathered all of their original clothes and got them all dressed up to be packed away. I felt like we were having a funeral:o( BUT on the other hand she assured me that she will NOT be packing away her AG dolls. They are big girls and I guess we'll have a while before they say goodbye.
Her 5 AG bitty babies
This is Katie, Madelyn's very first doll. She carried her everywhere she went for a long long time. We've managed to keep her all in one piece and we still have her original clothes. I will never forget the day that we got Katie.
All packed away:(

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