Friday, February 26, 2010

Surpise Surprise!

What a wonderful day that Jacob had on his 12th birthday. The surprise birthday party that I had planned was a success. He really was surprised. The party was held at Joe's. I invited the most important people in Jacob's life....Mainly his family and his church family. I few close friends came as well. We had pizza, cake and ice cream. We also played a game to see how well the kids knew Jacob. Connor knew him the best, then Caleb and then Hunter.

I made muffins for Jacob to have for breakfast. Madi and I sang Happy Birthday!

I made Jacob his favorite strawberry cake. He had this right after school.

Madi awaiting Jacob's arrival.
My boy is 12
I'm anxiously awaiting Jacob's excited. We kept the secret:o)

Happy Birthday to you!! about the Happy Birthday Banner on the wall. The waitress insisted on putting it up there. I don't think Jacob noticed that it had trains on it:o)

Dayna and I serving Cake and Ice cream

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