Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Its getting warmer!

I'm so excited about the warmer days ahead. I love spring time (although my allergies kill me) and I love to get outside. Working in the yard is a great hobby of mine and I enjoy watching the kids play outside. Darkness and cold weather depress I long for warm sunshiny days! We've been able to get out and enjoy the 60 degree temps a little this week. The kids enjoy going on walks. Logan loves to ride her bike as I (or Travis) pull the others in the wagon. Enjoy the sweet photos...I hope they make you smile.

Counting fun with Logan and CJ

Counting some more

They would really rather eat them:o)

Practicing those letters

CJ is getting very fast at this

Kyra gluing

CJ making sure she doesn't get any glue on her fingers
Cutting practice

Baker sits in the storage seat so he won't fall out:o)

Like a family

Travis doing all the work

Stops for a smile

Kyra hiding Tagee

She loves to color

Making a BIG bed for her babies

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